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A faith without works dies from it self...

We support high school and college students in the coffee areas of Latin America; we also contribute to homeless families.

We contribute to full-time missionaries based in Latin America and Christian programs in the USA.


Arte & Caffè works hand to hand with many social programs.   
Programs in the Prisions:


Ms Inés Medina is part of the Prison Fellowship International, her coffee plantation support the programs inside the prisons of El Salvador.

After her husband Dr.Joaquin Medina a well known lawyer in El Salvador die, she decide to donate her life to work in the prisons of El Salvador.

Confraternidad Carcelaria-Prison Fellowship has many programs; one of them is "Guardian Angel" a program to protect abandon children who have their parents in prison.

Grants to homeless children:

Coffee Crisis

"Do to the coffee crisis I became face to face with the reality of coffee and poverty.

As a missionary I had to do something! I start using the contacts I had made in this 15 years of mission:

  1.  I found that our coffee ocupies the 7 place of the BEST coffee in the world but in the past the 2 best coffee in the world! I start bringing coffee to my Concerts in Italy and people that have try our coffee said: "This coffee is UNIQUE" has a flavor and aroma we never try before...

    The LORD put in my heart to create an Asosiation to help people and children that live from the coffee.
  2. One of our programs is to give Student Grants to children in the rural areas.
Houses for homeless families: 

Homeless families
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Hearthquake 2001

Friends of El Salvador (homeless program)
Many families have lost their homes due to the EARTHQUAKES in the year 2001. Today after more tahn 10 years,many families are still with provisional homes.
The purpose of the project Friends of El Salvador is to help people of scarce resources who lost their house acquire suitable housing in the shortest possible time, with the help of Missionaries and other people willing to help.
Project COMBONI US $2,300 for each house. The first project of houses has been sponsored by Comboniani Missionaries of Europe, in collaboration with: Father Edy Antonio Platero, parish priest, Inés De Viaud and Volunteers together with the Communities

That´s how ARTE & CAFFE was born ( ART to rescue a tradition and Coffee... to save a Country ).
A non-profit Organization to help coffee growers, families and children that live from the coffee

"Good COFFEE for a GOOD reason"

"Great Gourmet Coffee with a good cause"