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JOSHUA  Summer Camp & Mission

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FUN and FRIENDS, FAITH and  Share  are what it's all about at   Joshua Summer Camp & Mission

Come and join us for a summer you haven't try jet!

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Welcome to our site!!  Bienvenue!  Bienvenidos! Benvenuti! Willkommen!


We are excited that you are visiting our web site. JOSHUA is here to provide unique adventures for any occasion...  will be a blessing any time.

On our site you'll find information about our activities and facilities, along with descriptions of our mission. We hope you will find all of the information you are looking for about our recreation Christian Summer Camp & Mission.

*JSCM  JOSHUA Summer Camp & Mission

Our activities include:

·     Daily reading of God's Word

·     MUSIC - ART - DANCE ·     Swimming  ·     Biking

·     Learn about how the Coffee grows, about bananas, platain and other tropical fruits and vegetables 

·     Games  ·     Amphitheatre   ·    Tennis and volleyball Court

A jump in faith

We have Tree Cabins!   and a Soccer field to play football, soccer and to fly Kites·     100 acres of Ecological Nature 

We are committed to a safe environment, training in appropriate decision making and teaching the power of Jesus Christ in redirecting young lives.




God is Love
Some times we don't value the gifts the Lord has given Us...  Life is a moment... life is a gift.    JOSHUA  Summer Camp & Mission is a mix of vacation, cultural exchange, FUN and mission... 

@  JOSHUA Summer camp-mission you can participate in sport activities, music, dance, outdoor, drama, wilderness camping, field games, camp fires and much, much more! You'll have many chances to choose the activities you like the most.

You'll share great times with FRIENDS new and old. The *JSCM  camp community allows you to meet new people since El Salvador has many International Schools.


Welcome!  Bienvenue! Bienvenidos! Benvenuti!Willkommen!


We'll try to provide anything a Parish Group may need...  we can also find bilingual voluntiers as monitors to help with the youth groups.


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