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About Coffee
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On this page we will describe our background and philosophy.

Our History

Coffee Children

Inés De Viaud, Artist (songwriter) and a  missionary woman, mother of 5 children. Her husband Carlos is a Mechanical Engineer and both come from families where Growing Coffee has been a tradition in their families for more than 200 years.


Other times… when coffee was well pay from roasters… 


Do to the coffee prices and the crisis of the coffee, Ines start a new mission, work hand to hand with the coffee workers and people that live from the coffee.


Fedback:  To give you and idea take a look at this Link from NBC about the coffee crisis.

Cherry Coffee

Putting together all the experiences from this 15 years of mission in the world, based in the Gospel, I decide to create a Summer Camp & Mission where youth could have a missionary experience during the summer….


A place where together with activities, fun and sharing they also could give something back to people that live from the land…. Coffee growers, beans, corn and other tropical plants.


Give something back ?? Yes, something very simple… like, teach them  how to live clean, how to grow a vegetable garden, teach them how to read and write…. How to sing typical or native songs from the places they come from.  And the more important.. teach them the LOVE of GOD that give US His only son Jesus as the only savor, Lord of our lifes.


But... what about if I speak english... (???) how they will understand?? that's going to be a lot of FUN !! you will learn spanish at the same time you be teaching arts and crafts! and always a bilingue monitor will near you.




Our Mission

Our mission is to nurture positive Christian values in young people and to provide campers a community of faith and fun in a safe environment.   We promote the personal and spiritual growth in each young person by developing their prayer life, social skills, independence and respect for others.

We'll try to provide anything a Parish Group may need...  we can also find bilingual voluntiers as monitors to help with the youth groups.


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