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Why a Mission-Camp?

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Why a Mission-Camp?
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Why is it so important to organize a Christian Summer Camp-Mission?
Why not? In the Church of Jesus Christ  every country  have their own and distinctive traditions, but the same moral values, ways of worship, and a beautiful  understanding of the Bible. We want to incorporate the Gospel into the camp activities together with a mission work.

What's a “mission-camp”?

Camp-Missions or a Mission-Camp, is reach those, who don't know Jesus Christ as their Lord and Savior, with the Gospel of Jesus. 

There is no limits in territory, people, places, or methods used to reach those who are lost. God’s desire is that none should perish. So, how has He designed it so that all can hear? 

  • Through His Holy Spirit
  • Through His creation
  • Through us . . .

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Jesus is LOVE
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Jesus Loves YOU
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God's Command, to Love Him and Love Others, drives us towards His Commission to Go, Make Disciples, Baptize, and Teach, which is enabled by His Power and His Presence. 

"A faith without works die... as a body without spirit... "

Missions was God's design and His heart from the beginning.

God has His sights on all the world to come to the saving knowledge of Jesus. That's His heart, His vision, His desire.


We'll try to provide anything a Parish Group may need...  we can also find bilingual voluntiers as monitors to help with the youth groups.


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