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Arte & Cafè

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Our Staff

Ines De Viaud
Ines De Viaud

Inés De Viaud

"Coffee is part of our family tradition.  Our main interest is to help families that live from the coffee crop every year".


Inés mother of 5 children is one of our programs coordinator. She loves the outdoors and to work with people and children that live from the coffee.

Her Mother Ms Inés Medina is part of the Prison Fellowship International, with her coffee plantation helps to pay the programs inside the prisons of El Salvador.

After her husband Dr.Joaquin Medina a well known lawyer in El Salvador die, she decide to donate her life to work in the prisons of El Salvador.

Confraternidad Carcelaria-Prison Fellowship has many programs; one of them is "Guardian Angel" a program to protect abandon children who have their parents in prison.







Our Programs

Carlos Viaud and Nelson

Artists from Europe and Latin American coutries colaborate with us in the Projects and Festivals of Arte & Caffe.

Siro Lopez -SPAIN
Mimo- Mime-Siro López

Aurelio Pitino
Aurelio Pitino ITALY
Anno Domini Gospel Coir

Our Location

We'll put our address and directions to our office here. We might also include a map.