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About Us

Cabañas - Bungalows
El Salvador
Our History... Our Mission... Nuestra Historia... Nuestra Misión
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About Art & Coffee and the Camp-Mission

Testimony as a missionary...

After 10 years of traveling around the world… the thirst of God never ended...

One day in my daily prayers,  I spoke to the Lord imagin how beautiful will be the moment in his presence... then.. I felt a voice that spoke to me inside that say: you already want to be with me? to see me? To touch me?  Smiling  I said YESSS!!!

I felt again a tender voice that told me... Inés, Inés… you don't have to wait... get out to the street! and try to recognize me in the poors... in those excluded... in those little ones...  in the little ones from the Kingdom…

Then I threw myself to the streets to mission with all I have... 


Months later I thought  that I had already seen all the quarters and the most miserable areas from El Salvador but one day… I got one more invitation from Guatemala to give a Concert, after the Concert, a missionary friend invited me to visit the garbage dump in Guatemala City. 


That trip, that visit,  marked my life as a christian... in that Garbage Dump I saw children the age of my children searching in the garbage to eat.... !! 

I got without words! how I was able to call myself a “christian” ??  when in a country only 5 hours drive live children from the garbage ....  what shame!


I listened inside of me the words from the Gospel: I was hungry... I was thirsty...  naked...  in prison...


I wonder at that moment what I was doing as Christian? how easy is to be a christian inside de Church or in the Temples.


I wonder... when the time arrives... what I would take in my hands... already in the presence of God??? the fame that had achieved as Christian Artist??? The CD's??? my articles that appears on the press and Internet every year???  and I call my self a Christian Artist... what shame!


When I returned home... I took my guitar and pray long hours... then, I ask the Lord what he wanted from me at that point of my life?? 


And I listened that sweet voice that speaks to me again... “Inés, sing to the world that I am not only in the Churches or in the Holly Temples or sacred places.... Sing that it is not enough a faith if doesn't go accompanied by works. Tell them that I am hungry...  thirsty... homeless…  in prison.” 


And I wrote one of the must beautiful songs I have wrote... "Jesus is there.. " Muchos sufren" it has been translated in English and Italian besides Spanish.


Today, I live in El Salvador, I help my mother in the programs inside the Jails CONCARES, part of the Prison Fellowship Intenational. 

My music and ministry goes hand to hand with the missions.


I have a healing ministry what Doctors will call "Music Therapy" I call "Healing Music" because it's inspired in the Word of God.


I have found so many kids and teenagers with no hope in their lifes, in a world full of "material things".  5 years ago in a Summer Camp in Spain I got a testimony from a 13 year old girl from Bolivia, she was ungry and  sad from been adopted in Spain, she gave me a letter after gave My Testimony-Concert " Thank you Inés for teach me today how BLESS I am from been adopted... I could be one of those children searching in the garbage" .


Misionary experiences could do much more for our youth than a simple Summer Camp that every year "is the same" Fun, expensive but after... one more year leaving nothing inside of them.


At this point I deside to create a Mission-Camp for American-European youth   to  live a misionary experience in the Summer.

A mix of: a NICE Summer Camp-Art-Coffee & Mission based in the Gospel.

A place where any Church could have all the facilities to teach the Gospel  and  working hand to hand with Churches from USA and Europe, give Parish Groups all the facilities here in El Salvador.


I'm shure they will retun home more mature in the faith... and with more capacity to give love.

Luis... a smile of God

I thank the Lord...  finally I found Him in the streets... in that unesplicable happiness of those who live with almost nothing...


Inés De Viaud.